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Web Designers & Developers: Why The World Needs Both (WA3)


“A good design attracts your attention, keeps you on a company’s website, and ultimately guides you where you want to go.  The program takes you there.”


 -John Zulli, Senior Vice President of Operations North America

  ARC Document Solutions

Though Google Analytics suggests that businesses are on the hunt for both web designers and developers, the terms should not be interchangeable.

Each profession has its separate function, and in speaking with a c-suite executive of a world-wide, publicly traded company, we learn what distinct roles these individuals do play in the corporate world.

John Zulli, an executive of ARC Document Solutions for several decades, did not shy away from sharing his thoughts and experience regarding web development and design.

He confidently lent some valuable insight into what differentiates these two professions.

“A developer is dealing with the programmable part of the web, the linking structure, whereas the designer deals more with the messaging, layout, appearance, etcetera,” he said.

Zulli also shared his opinion that the functions of design and development are both critical aspects of web-building and are just as equally important.

“Particularly from a business standpoint, what good does a beautiful looking website do if the linking and programming itself doesn’t work?” he asked. “On the other hand, what good does an excellent, easy-to-operate website do for a business if the messaging, imaging, and appearance of the overall company projects poorly?”

Essentially, Zulli suggested that web designers and web developers should work co-dependently in order for a successful website to be produced.  The trick then becomes, increasing efficiency of a site when technology is constantly and rapidly changing.

“I think there’s always room to improve the “ease of use” of any website,” Zulli said. “You can always work on it and make it easier to use. People don’t want complex. They want a clear, concise, “press the button to do this” type of site.”

This obviously places a weighty task onto the shoulders of both designers and developers as they work to both create an on-line forum that both adequately communicates a brand, message, or service, while also guaranteeing easy access and navigation.

Once this process is achieved, designers and developers must then work to maintain these sites by keeping up with trends, software, and working to make these sites even more user-friendly.

Basically, the job is never really over.

“I’m never satisfied 100 percent,” Zulli said.  “But, I always encourage web developers and designers to keep trying to make things more efficient for the sake of the client.”


About Nico

She is Nico. Nicolette Joscelyn Zulli is a singer, songwriter, and fledgling producer. At 19 years old, she is gifted with a unique and powerful vocal talent possessing a range that exudes star quality. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Nico grew up in Houston, Texas. Her parents hail from the great City of New Orleans where she has spent lots of time exploring the musical haunts and talents of the Big Easy. Nico grew up listening to the voices of Eva Cassidy, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Linda Eder, Diana Ross, Janet Jackson, Aaron Neville, Harry Connick, Jr., Vivian Green, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson and Luther Vandross, whose musical talents greatly influence her eclectic vocal style. Nico recently graduated from Houston Christian High School, a private college preparatory school, where she was an honor student and secretary of the National Honor Society, President of Water for Life, a campus-wide charitable outreach program, member of the girls’ varsity volleyball team, and President of the school’s 125-member choir. Nico has performed in public since the early age of 7 years old when she sang the Star Spangled Banner at a Houston Hot Shots Professional Soccer Game at the Houston Astro Arena (Reliant Arena) and received a standing ovation from thousands of roaring fans. Her name in lights flashed across the score board,and a star was born! She is a paid performer at local Houston restaurants which feature dinner jazz music, corporate functions, charity functions, private parties, churches, and schools. She has worked with several local producers, including the Grammy award winning producer for Beyonce’s “Dangerously in Love”, Errol “E-Poppi” McCalla. She is currently working with one of H-town's hottest producers, Tahl Cole, and looks forward to continuing her trek in the world of music with a career in the industry. She currently attends Baylor University in Waco, Texas as a double major in Journalism News Editorial and Communication Specialist with a minor in Spanish. Post-undergraduate, she intends to pursue a degree in Entertainment Law.

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