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Bloggalicious, Definition? (A3)

Connection 1: This reading had me reflecting on an assignment I had to complete in my Intro to Reporting and Writing class (JOU 2320) during my freshman year of college at Baylor.  Dr. Moody had us involve and apply the exact same elements for success described by Briggs in our special-focus blogs: frequent posts, concise/user friendly text content, visuals, fonts and colors, links, an appropriate template.  My blog, for instance, was an entertainment blog, and I tailored all of its components to complement one another in establishing a sense of visual/contextual continuity. The assignment is something I later used in a professional setting…which leads me to connection #2…

Connection 2: More specifically, I connected with Briggs description: “the blog-publishing platform improves interactivity between journalists and their audience.”  When I was working as a freelance entertainment columnist for The St. Bernard Parish Post in Chalmette, LA, I was tasked with creating my own blog to supplement my weekly column and I absolutely saw this concept play out quite true to form in a real-life setting.  As I posted weekly posts to accompany my articles in the paper, I would receive comments and emails pertaining to my articles in the paper on blog posts– achieving my duty as an online journalist by “starting a conversation.”  There is something so freeing about having the ability to be in FULL control of your writing/style/publishing, as Briggs describes in Chapter 2.  This left me wondering: Will blogs ever be THE go-to medium for information? Or at least be considered a credible source as time goes on?  Especially since many blogs, as Briggs mentions, link to scholarly/expert sources on their topics…

The second question I pondered after this reading was: How do you compete in the blog world when there are SO many blogs, of varying caliber, focused on the same topics?  The reading discussed how to effectively build a blog, all of the necessary aspects of a blog, how to build an audience, but did not really discuss methods of competing in the online world.


About Nico

She is Nico. Nicolette Joscelyn Zulli is a singer, songwriter, and fledgling producer. At 19 years old, she is gifted with a unique and powerful vocal talent possessing a range that exudes star quality. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Nico grew up in Houston, Texas. Her parents hail from the great City of New Orleans where she has spent lots of time exploring the musical haunts and talents of the Big Easy. Nico grew up listening to the voices of Eva Cassidy, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Linda Eder, Diana Ross, Janet Jackson, Aaron Neville, Harry Connick, Jr., Vivian Green, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson and Luther Vandross, whose musical talents greatly influence her eclectic vocal style. Nico recently graduated from Houston Christian High School, a private college preparatory school, where she was an honor student and secretary of the National Honor Society, President of Water for Life, a campus-wide charitable outreach program, member of the girls’ varsity volleyball team, and President of the school’s 125-member choir. Nico has performed in public since the early age of 7 years old when she sang the Star Spangled Banner at a Houston Hot Shots Professional Soccer Game at the Houston Astro Arena (Reliant Arena) and received a standing ovation from thousands of roaring fans. Her name in lights flashed across the score board,and a star was born! She is a paid performer at local Houston restaurants which feature dinner jazz music, corporate functions, charity functions, private parties, churches, and schools. She has worked with several local producers, including the Grammy award winning producer for Beyonce’s “Dangerously in Love”, Errol “E-Poppi” McCalla. She is currently working with one of H-town's hottest producers, Tahl Cole, and looks forward to continuing her trek in the world of music with a career in the industry. She currently attends Baylor University in Waco, Texas as a double major in Journalism News Editorial and Communication Specialist with a minor in Spanish. Post-undergraduate, she intends to pursue a degree in Entertainment Law.

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